Tips and Tricks

Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

Add Links to Text. Links can be added directly to text from the formatting menu – keeping messages short and organized. Tapping a formatted link opens a confirmation window so you can double-check the URL before opening it. Except for links to Telegram chats – those always open instantly.
Launching Web Apps. Telegram bots are able to host seamless web apps – which can be accessed in any chat. Bots that support this feature can be launched via link or @-mention. Try typing @DurgerKingBot (followed by a space) or posting this link. In groups, web apps can support collaboration and multiplayer features – more info […]
Chat-Specific Wallpapers. Your favorite photos and color combinations can become unique backgrounds in any 1-on-1 chat. After setting a wallpaper, a special message is sent that allows your chat partner to add the same wallpaper on their side. To set a custom wallpaper, tap ➕> ‘Set Wallpaper’ on Android, or open a profile and tap […]
Shareable Folders. Custom chat folders can be shared via invite link – letting contacts and coworkers join all its chats and add the folder in one tap. Each folder supports multiple invite links that each give access to different chats. If you update a link with more chats, existing members will see a prompt to join […]
Auto-Send Invite Links. When adding users who restrict invites to groups and channels, a button appears to quickly send them an invite link instead.
Read Time in Groups. In groups of under 100 members, you can tap to see who read your message, and at what time. To protect privacy, these read receipts are stored only for 7 days.
Granular Playback Speed. Videos, podcasts, voice and video messages can be played at any speed from 0.2x to 2.5x – for audio hold the 2X button, and for videos tap➕ or ➕ then move the slider.
Power Saving Mode. Animations, autoplay and more can be disabled to extend battery life and improve performance. In Settings > Power Saving you can configure your Power Saving Mode with individual toggles and set it to automatically turn on at any battery level. On Android, the app will recommend optimized default settings for your device.
Select Chats for Bots. Bot developers can add special buttons that allow users to filter and select groups, channels or contacts that meet predefined criteria. These criteria allow users to quickly find a chat and add the bot – like where they are an admin, with topics enabled.
Media Permissions in Groups. Admins can decide which media types are allowed in their groups – each with individual toggles. With this, groups can cut down on clutter, create unique conversation styles, or even disable text messages for media-only groups. Specific users can have their own unique permissions by adding exceptions.