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Captions can be placed above the media, to add top text to memes or to give an intro to photos and videos. After selecting media in your 📎attachment menu, press and hold the Send arrow and select 'Move Caption Up'. You can also edit a message to move its caption up or […]
In 1-on-1 chats, you can add animated effects to messages that play when the recipient opens the chat. All users have access to free effects like ❤️👍🔥🎉 and Telegram Premium unlocks hundreds more – including all the effects from Premium Stickers. To add an effect, press and hold the Send arrow – messages with effects […]
In addition to choosing which reaction emoji are available, channel admins can select a maximum number of reaction types per post – to keep their feed more tidy.
Premium users can include animated emoji and emoji from their custom sets in polls. Any Telegram user can upload their own artwork as custom emoji for Premium users – and everyone else can use them in their Saved Messages.
When sharing your live location with a user or group, you can tap to add more time. By choosing 'Until I turn it off', your location will be shared indefinitely – letting contacts check your location for extended periods.
Groups admins can select several messages to perform multiple moderation actions at the same time – with individual toggles for each user and action. The menu also has options to restrict users and limit their permissions if needed. In addition, admins of groups with 200+ members can enable aggressive spam filtering to help […]
You can add your date of birth to your profile – reminding contacts when to celebrate. When other users have their birthdays, a special banner appears in your chat list so you can quickly congratulate them and gift a Premium subscription. By default your birthday is only visible to your contacts – and you can […]
The 'My Profile' section in Settings lets you view your profile as it appears to other users. There you can quickly change any info like your bio and profile colors – or add your birthday and highlight a channel you own. It also allows you to pin 3 stories to the top and quickly manage […]
The 'Channels' tab in 🔎Search shows all the channels you subscribe to – plus a list of recommended channels with similar topics. Pulling up to jump to unread channels also includes recommended channels – after you've read all the ones you subscribe to.
Anyone can tap a sticker in chat to instantly add the full set to their library. Sticker sets also have a unique link – so you can share them in messages or other apps as well.
Any of the millions of Telegram stickers can be added to your custom packs – collecting all your favorites in one place. To add an existing sticker to your pack, open it in the panel and tap ➕ and choose 'Add an Existing Sticker'.
After creating a custom sticker you can send it straight away or add it to a pack to share with friends. Custom sticker packs can also include any existing stickers on Telegram – either from Telegram artists or other users.