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⭐️ Transcribe Video Messages. Premium users can tap the →A button next to video messages or voice messages to generate a transcription of its audio. After transcribing, you can switch back to the video view by tapping the🔼 button.
Collectible Usernames. Acquire and exchange unique usernames on a new platform, secured by the TON blockchain. In addition to a basic username, any user can have multiple collectible ones that can be assigned to their profile, group or channel – or reserved for later use. Collectibles have the same features as basic usernames – they appear in […]
Infinite Reactions. All users have access to dozens of reaction emoji like 👍🤣🔥❤️👏🐳⚡️🏆 from an expandable menu in groups and 1-on-1 chats. Premium users can react with up to 3 emoji on any message and can use any custom emoji – for thousands more possibilities.
⭐️ Emoji Statuses. Show what you’re up to with Telegram Premium – replacing your ⭐️ badge with an unlimited number of emoji options. Statuses appear in chats and interfaces throughout the app, letting others know that you’re at work 👨‍💻 in class 🧑‍🎓 and more 🏖️ Tap your badge in the chat list or Settings to […]
⭐️ Gifting Telegram Premium. Anyone with Premium can send a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months to another user – at a discount. Open a user’s profile, tap ➕ or ➕ and choose Gift Premium. The subscription will instantly arrive as a special animated message in your chat with that user.
Interactive Custom Emoji. Many custom emoji are also interactive when sent in 1-on-1 chats – anyone can ❤️ tap to play synchronized full-screen effects. Try it with common emotions like 😂😍😁😱👍🥳🔥 and more. All custom emoji are included in emoji suggestions – you’ll also see suggestions from your custom packs after typing static emoji.
⭐️ Restrict Voice Messages. Premium subscribers can control who is able to send them voice and video messages. Like other privacy settings, this supports exceptions – choose specific people or groups with different permissions. The 🎤 voice and 📷 video buttons fade out for anyone who you don’t allow, letting them know you prefer text.
⭐️ Custom Emoji. Premium users can include 😎 unique animated emoji in messages and captions to add even more expression to chats. Open the 🙂 emoji tab of the 📑 sticker panel to browse your packs or add new ones. You can tap a message to view and add the packs it's using (press and […]
Save to Gallery. Automatically save incoming media to your gallery in Settings > Data and Storage. You can control it by chat type – with the option to enable it separately for users, groups or channels. On iOS, go to Settings > Data and Storage > Save Incoming Photos.
GIFs. Telegram has thousands of high-quality GIFs – featuring scenes from your favorite movies and shows. Open the GIF section of your Sticker Panel to see what’s trending, search for something specific, or browse the themed tabs to find one that matches an emotion. Simply tap to send, or press and hold to preview the […]