Tips and Tricks

Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

Similar Channels. When joining a new channel, a list of similar public channels appears – which you can browse to find more news, content and memes. For channels you've already joined, you can also see the list on the channel's profile.
Creating Giveaways. Channel hosts can choose exactly who is eligible for giveaway prizes – all subscribers or new subscribers, only people from specific countries, or require that participants subscribe to other channels. Prizes must be paid for in advance – this can be done from any Telegram app, but @PremiumBot and Fragment are more affordable […]
Giveaways in Channels. Channel owners can promote their community and reward subscribers by hosting a giveaway. Giveaways are a verifiable and transparent way for subscribers to earn prizes – like Telegram Premium and much more. Channels set the giveaway criteria and pay for prizes in advance – then Telegram randomly selects the winners and hands out their […]
Stories: Front Flash Settings. When using the front-facing camera for a story, hold the ⚡icon to adjust the warmth and intensity of the front flash.
Fast Forward and Rewind Stories. While browsing stories, hold down to pause and then slide left or right to rewind and fast forward.
Reply, Forward and Link Settings. When you combine replies, forwarded messages and links, you can quickly access their unique settings from separate tabs at the bottom of the screen.
Quote Replies. You can quote specific parts of any message – and reply to just one sentence or a few words. To quote someone, highlight text from their message or swipe to reply, tap the reply bar and select Quote. You can also add quote formatting to any text from the formatting menu, in order […]
New Login Alerts. Whenever a device logs in to your account, a notification is sent to all your devices, and the new login is added to your Devices page. Additionally, a login alert will appear at the top of your chat list – if you don't recognize the device, instantly tap to secure your account. […]
View-Once Media. In any 1-on-1 chat, photos and videos can be sent as View Once – which permanently deletes the media after it is opened. Tapping the 1️⃣ icon in the media editor lets you send media as View Once or with a timer – media sent with a timer can be re-opened until the timer […]
Your Music in Stories. Audio files on your device can be added to stories – giving your content custom soundtracks and narration. From the sticker panel, tap 'Audio' and select a file, then adjust the track to select a section. In video stories, you can move your added audio track to any point in the […]