Tips and Tricks

Unofficial knowledge base about the Telegram messenger

You can collapse mini apps to check chats or open other mini apps – and seamlessly return without losing your progress. To minimize an app, swipe down on its header, then tap the app bar to reopen any of your active apps.
Channel subscribers can use Telegram Stars to unlock exclusive photos and videos – directlysupporting their favorite content creators. Unlocking a post gives you lifetime access to its content – even if the post is deleted or you unsubscribe from the channel.
You can make purchases and support content creators with Telegram Stars – a seamless way to pay for products in mini apps or unlock posts in your favorite channels. Bot developers and content creators can use the Stars they earn to receive rewards or place subsidized ads.
Long portions of text sent with quote formatting can be collapsed and expanded. This makes messages more compact – to read and to write. When writing, tap to ↔️ collapse the quote and save space in the message field. When reading, tap 🔽 to expand the quote and 🔼 to collapse it and keep […]
Hashtags can be used to quickly filter your chats for messages containing that tag. Tapping a hashtag also allows you to see results from public channels – helping you discover new creators and browse popular topics.
Tapping a phone number in a message like +971542022222 opens a menu where you can send a message, start a call or add a contact in one tap.
Captions can be placed above the media, to add top text to memes or to give an intro to photos and videos. After selecting media in your 📎attachment menu, press and hold the Send arrow and select 'Move Caption Up'. You can also edit a message to move its caption up or […]
In 1-on-1 chats, you can add animated effects to messages that play when the recipient opens the chat. All users have access to free effects like ❤️👍🔥🎉 and Telegram Premium unlocks hundreds more – including all the effects from Premium Stickers. To add an effect, press and hold the Send arrow – messages with effects […]
In addition to choosing which reaction emoji are available, channel admins can select a maximum number of reaction types per post – to keep their feed more tidy.
Premium users can include animated emoji and emoji from their custom sets in polls. Any Telegram user can upload their own artwork as custom emoji for Premium users – and everyone else can use them in their Saved Messages.
When sharing your live location with a user or group, you can tap to add more time. By choosing 'Until I turn it off', your location will be shared indefinitely – letting contacts check your location for extended periods.
Groups admins can select several messages to perform multiple moderation actions at the same time – with individual toggles for each user and action. The menu also has options to restrict users and limit their permissions if needed. In addition, admins of groups with 200+ members can enable aggressive spam filtering to help […]