Tips and Tricks

Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

Data Usage. You can see how much data Telegram has used with detailed pie charts for both WiFi and mobile data in Settings > Data and Storage. Your auto-download settings are easily accessible on each page to choose when certain media is downloaded – helping maximize your data plan. To free up storage space, take a […]
Emoji Categories. Stickers and emoji are sorted by categories like 👍❤️🎉💤 to quickly find the right emotion, reaction or status. When browsing in the emoji panel, hold any emoji to zoom in for a closer look – with buttons to copy, send, or set the emoji as your status. Stickers and emoji can also be […]
🌟 Real-Time Translation. Premium users can tap to translate entire chats, dynamically updating as they scroll. When browsing chats with text in a different language than your interface, a translation bar will appear – which also gives quick access to your translation settings. All users can enable translation, adding a dedicated button for individual messages.
Profile Picture Maker. All users can turn animated emoji and stickers into custom profile pictures for their account, groups or channels. On desktop or mobile, choose ‘Set Emoji’ when adding a profile photo to design your picture – with infinite options for emoji and backgrounds. Like other photos, you can set or suggest emoji pictures […]
Hide Members in Groups. Admins of groups with 100+ members can hide the member list to give participants more privacy. If members are hidden, only admins will be listed on the group’s info page. If an admin is anonymous, they will not be included in the list. To hide the member list, go to the […]
Public Profile Photos. Telegram’s privacy settings give users full control over their visibility, including who is able to see their profile photos. Adding any restrictions or exceptions for your profile photo unlocks the option to set a public photo that will be shown to everyone that can’t see your main one. To change who can […]
Suggest Profile Photos. Photos and videos you take can be suggested to contacts, letting them add it to their profile in two taps. Suggested photos become the user’s main profile photo – if you want to set something personal, you can replace their photo instead.
Replace Profile Photos. The profile photos of your contacts are replaceable – you can set another photo or video for them that only you will see. To replace a contact's photo, open their Profile > Edit > Set Photo for Contact. You can also suggest them a profile photo.
Storage Usage. Telegram needs zero extra space to run on your device. You can clear cached media from your phone, while keeping it in your chats – ready to be re-downloaded at any time. Just head to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage and try one (or all 💪) of these options: 1) […]
Media Editor. Drawings, text, stickers, shapes and more can be added to both photos and videos in the media editor. The default brush automatically smooths your lines and changes width based on drawing speed. Other tools let you draw arrows, add a blur effect or erase. Text has various font and background options – and all […]