Tips and Tricks

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Device Management. In Settings > Devices you can see all the places where you are logged in. Tap Link Desktop Device to quickly log in on Telegram Desktop or Web via QR Code. Select an individual device to choose whether it can accept incoming calls or Secret Chats – or to log it out remotely. All […]
Anonymous Posting. Send messages in Public Groups and Channel Comments as one of your public channels, instead of your personal account. Tap the profile picture next to the message bar to choose one of your channels – the messages you send after that will appear with its name and photo.
Delete Messages by Date. Tap the date header in any 1-on-1 chat to select a day or range of dates and delete all messages sent and received during that period. Deleted messages are permanently erased and can be removed only for you or for both sides – if you’d like messages to automatically delete themselves for […]
Protected Content. Content creators can enable Restrict Saving Content in their group or channel to keep posts exclusive to their audience. Enabling this setting restricts forwarding messages from the chat, prevents screenshots and disables saving media from posts. Only the group or channel owner can edit this setting, which is available via the chat’s Info […]
Instant Media Captions. On all Telegram apps, the text you type in the message bar automatically converts to a caption when you attach media. This also works with Cloud Drafts – so you can type out the message on one device, then simply attach your media from another device and send it all together. Tap ⋮ […]
Global Themes. Choose from 9 themes built by Telegram designers for your entire app – each with a Day and Night mode, colorful animated background, and gradient message bubbles. Like all themes, you can personalize these to change colors or pick a different pattern. For more custom settings, tap Chat Themes on iOS or Browse Themes […]
Join Requests. Enable admin approval for additional links to your group or channel so you can preview potential members before they are able to access the chat. With these links you can create and join special closed chats – like a group just for superfans, or a channel with exclusive content. Users opening these links send […]
Shared Media. Tap the header in any chat to open its Shared Media page – containing all the photos, videos, music and more that have been sent there. Drag the date bar to swiftly scroll back years in the past, and tap the bar to open a calendar view with media previews for each day. Tap […]
Productivity Tip: Use pinned messages in Groups and Channels to highlight important info or create a directory to easily navigate between messages or even multiple chats. All messages in groups and channels have unique links that will instantly direct a user to that specific message. In private groups and channels, these links only work for […]
Bots. Perform tasks and access services built on Telegram’s open Bot Platform. Use the Bot Menu or enter text to send your command, and the Bot will instantly process your request. Any developer can build these chat-based applications that run directly inside Telegram for anything from online stores to arcade games. Bots have unique […]