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Unofficial knowledge base about the Telegram messenger

⭐️ One-Way Last Seen and Read Times. Users who hide their read time aren’t able to see read times from other users. Except with Telegram Premium – which allows you to hide your read time and still see the read times ofusers who share theirs with you. If a user hides their read time, it is […]
In 1-on-1 chats, you can see the exact time when your message was opened. Read times have granular privacy settings, based on the settings for your Last Seen status. To protect privacy, all read times are only visible for 7 days before being deleted.
One-time voice and video messages can't be paused and can't be opened more than once. The message will play until it finishes, or until you tap 'Close and Delete' – vanishing with a beautiful animation.
While recording any voice or video message you can pause and then resume recording later – without having to start over. To pause recording, swipe up and tap the pause button. To resume recording, tap the microphone🎤or camera 📷 icon.
The view-once setting can also be used for voice and video messages – after being played, the message is automatically deleted. To set a message as view-once, swipe up to lock recording and then tap the view-once ⏲️ icon.
Calling another user lets you talk, turn on your camera or share your screen – all protected by end-to-end encryption. Calls are available on every platform – to call a user, simply open their profile and tap the 📞 call button.
Photos from your gallery can be placed on top of stories to create custom scenes or memes. For a seamless edit, you can remove the background from photos by tapping 'Cut Out'.
The 'Gift Premium' section in Settings lets you give up to 10 users Telegram Premium in one tap. If one of those users already has Premium, they can save the gift to activate later or send it to a friend.
Channel messages of any type can be reposted as stories – adding a copy of the message that you can move, resize and decorate. Anyone who views your story can tap to open the message in its channel. To repost a message, tap its share arrow ➡️ and select 'Repost to Story'.
Giveaways can also include custom prizes for their subscribers – like VIP tickets or exclusive merch. For even more transparency, hosts can choose to announce the winners with an automated message in the channel.
Channels can customize their appearance as they gain levels – able to change the look of messages and their profile cover or set an emoji status and unique wallpaper for the channel. To customize your channel, open the Channel Profile > Channel Settings > Appearance. A list of all channel perks is available here.
Messages with text sent as ```code``` automatically identify the coding language used and highlight syntax – and you can click or tap to instantly copy the code. Working with code blocks works best on the Telegram Desktop app, Telegram Web or Telegram for macOS.