Tips and Tricks

Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

Anonymous Numbers. Sign up without a SIM card or make your existing account more incognito with an anonymous number from Fragment. These numbers don’t receive calls or SMS – instead, your login code is always available in the My Anonymous Numbers section of Fragment. Like collectible usernames, ownership of anonymous numbers is tied to your TON […]
Topics. Large groups of 100+ members can enable topics in Group Settings to organize their discussion into separate spaces. Each topic works like a chat – with its own shared media and notification settings, supporting powerful features like polls, bots, games and more. The group’s service messages and pre-topic message history are included in the default […]
⭐️ Transcribe Video Messages. Premium users can tap the →A button next to video messages or voice messages to generate a transcription of its audio. After transcribing, you can switch back to the video view by tapping the🔼 button.
Collectible Usernames. Acquire and exchange unique usernames on a new platform, secured by the TON blockchain. In addition to a basic username, any user can have multiple collectible ones that can be assigned to their profile, group or channel – or reserved for later use. Collectibles have the same features as basic usernames – they appear in […]
⭐️ Emoji Statuses. Show what you’re up to with Telegram Premium – replacing your ⭐️ badge with an unlimited number of emoji options. Statuses appear in chats and interfaces throughout the app, letting others know that you’re at work 👨‍💻 in class 🧑‍🎓 and more 🏖️ Tap your badge in the chat list or Settings to […]
Infinite Reactions. All users have access to dozens of reaction emoji like 👍🤣🔥❤️👏🐳⚡️🏆 from an expandable menu in groups and 1-on-1 chats. Premium users can react with up to 3 emoji on any message and can use any custom emoji – for thousands more possibilities.
⭐️ Gifting Telegram Premium. Anyone with Premium can send a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months to another user – at a discount. Open a user’s profile, tap ➕ or ➕ and choose Gift Premium. The subscription will instantly arrive as a special animated message in your chat with that user.
⭐️ Restrict Voice Messages. Premium subscribers can control who is able to send them voice and video messages. Like other privacy settings, this supports exceptions – choose specific people or groups with different permissions. The 🎤 voice and 📷 video buttons fade out for anyone who you don’t allow, letting them know you prefer text.
Interactive Custom Emoji. Many custom emoji are also interactive when sent in 1-on-1 chats – anyone can ❤️ tap to play synchronized full-screen effects. Try it with common emotions like 😂😍😁😱👍🥳🔥 and more. All custom emoji are included in emoji suggestions – you’ll also see suggestions from your custom packs after typing static emoji.
⭐️ Custom Emoji. Premium users can include 😎 unique animated emoji in messages and captions to add even more expression to chats. Open the 🙂 emoji tab of the 📑 sticker panel to browse your packs or add new ones. You can tap a message to view and add the packs it's using (press and […]