Tips and Tricks

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Public Groups and Channels. All groups and channels are private by default, but you can make them public and open for any user to join or subscribe. Public groups and channels appear in Global Search results, can reach an unlimited audience and host massive communities for any interest – from cats to cryptocurrency. You must be […]
Record Live Video. Admins can record Live Streams and Video Chats to save and share after the broadcast. Video can be recorded in portrait or landscape orientations, and after the recording is stopped or the broadcast ends, the file is instantly uploaded to the admin’s Saved Messages. You can start recording from any device – simply […]
Group Read Receipts. In groups, your message is marked as read as soon as one member opens it. You can then select your message to see which group members have read it. To protect users’ privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent.
Interactive Emoji. Send and tap a single 🎆🎉🎈👍👎❤️😂😭🤩 😁😢🔥😱🤮💩❄️👻🎃💸 in any private chat to unleash a fullscreen effect. When both users have the chat open, the animations and vibrations play simultaneously on their devices. You can tell that your friend also sees the animation from their watching status.
Chat Themes. In 1-on-1 chats, you can apply a specific theme just for that chat – giving it a distinct look and feel. Every theme has its own day and night version, with gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds and unique patterns. Chat themes sync across your devices, and also are applied for your chat partner. To […]
Sticker Suggestions. Type a single emoji in the message bar to instantly see dozens of relevant stickers for any situation. You can quickly find the emoji you’re looking for with emoji suggestions and shortcuts – no scrolling required.
Trending Stickers. Above your Recently Used stickers, you’ll find the latest packs from professional artists. Scroll the bar to take a look at the thumbnails, then tap to preview and add packs to your panel. To change the order of your sticker packs, press and hold one of the icons the top bar and drag […]
Jump to Next Unread Channel. There are millions of channels on Telegram that post news, videos, memes and more. When you reach the bottom of a channel, you can swipe up to immediately switch to your next unread channel – without going back to your chat list. If you use Folders or Archived Chats to organize […]
Flexible Forwarding. Tap Forward Message above the message bar to open a preview window and customize how the messages will appear. Hide sender names, hide captions from media messages, deselect messages or change the recipient if you tapped the wrong chat. In your Privacy and Security settings, you can control whether your own messages include […]
Live Streams in Channels. Start a Live Stream in your channel to broadcast video and audio or share your screen with unlimited viewers from any device – mobile or desktop. On Android, open the Channel Profile > ⋮ > Start Live Stream. On iOS, open the Channel Profile > Live Stream. On Desktop, tap the 💬 […]